Service Focus

John Shiple FreelanceCTO provides a holistic and comprehensive set of services to support the following client types:

  • Top management in Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies, and their divisions in strategic planning, technology, media and entertainment, distribution, publishing and advertising, and internal venture groups
  • CEOs of capitalized technology startups
  • Angel investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Independent strategic consultants

Service Overview

FreelanceCTO applies its proprietary 100-point process, Scale DNA, to incubate your business, architect award winning technologies that scale your businesses, and build, train, and manage your development team. FreelanceCTO leverages this process for companies of all sizes ranging from large-scale corporate enterprises to small- and mid-sized emerging businesses to early stage startups.

FreelanceCTO has the expertise and business acumen to drive your technology development regardless of your company’s size. FreelanceCTO’s goals are to understand your Technology platform and related technologies and technical opportunities, drive alignment around a Technical vision of where the business should go, and take a holistic approach to forge a disciplined, proactive Technical team and infrastructure

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List of Services

Technology Services

FreelanceCTO brings technical leadership and vision to your organization. Translation services between Business and Technology are a de facto service standard that enable FreelanceCTO to construct clear and transparent communication channels and processes. Technical strategies, supported by measurement using relevant metrics, optimize build vs. buy decisions, streamline development and operations, and simplify budgeting and scalability of your infrastructure. FreelanceCTO offers a broad array of top-level Technology-oriented services. Learn more

Planning, Strategy, and Architecture Services

FreelanceCTO drives Technology planning, develops short- and long-term strategies, and creates robust architectures and solutions that open up a world of options for your business. FreelanceCTO provides a range of detail-oriented services to grow and strengthen your Technology platform. Learn more

Network Systems and Data Architectures

FreelanceCTO architects your back-end hardware and software systems, provisions your back-end technology platform, and forges a viable data strategy for your infrastructure and business needs. Learn more

Team Building Services

FreelanceCTO supports three primary team configurations for development: all internal resources, all external resources, and a mix of internal and external resources. FreelanceCTO maintains a large network of individual service providers (developers, designers, and engineers) and vendors (on- and off-shore developers and agencies) to groom and grow your team. Learn more

Business and Strategic Services

FreelanceCTO maximizes the impact of Technology and minimizes operational headaches commonly associated with Technology and development. FreelanceCTO’s holistic services proactively support Business Development, Marketing, Social Media, PR, and other non-Technology departments. Learn more

Product Design and Reviews

FreelanceCTO places a strong focus on customer and product development and enables businesses get the most out of their Technology investment. FreelanceCTO simplifies product design and development by demystifying the Technical elements. Learn more

User Experience Services

FreelanceCTO enables businesses to better serve their target audiences by focusing Technology and development on customers and your product. FreelanceCTO’s extensive experience in User Experience design and development places award-winning applications within your company’s reach. Learn more

Audits and Due Diligence

FreelanceCTO reviews your existing Technology platform to let you know what’s going on “under the hood”. FreelanceCTO dives deep to determine what’s right and what’s wrong with your Technology team. Learn more