John Shiple John Shiple ( is an acclaimed technology consultant to CEOs throughout the U.S. John creates success for his clients by building companies and products for businesses and investors. He architects award-winning technologies that scale businesses while concurrently building, training, and mentoring development teams. He has a special expertise in working with emerging and disruptive technologies.

John is a technology consultant to startup companies, small- to mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. His work brings forth new products, optimizes business processes, lowers operating costs, and enables operational scalability. He works with product and service companies.

John has many large-scale successes under his belt. John founded, raised capital for, and launched multiple companies and products. A recent startup secured two Fortune 50 contracts within the first year of operation while another gained traction as a Tech Crunch 50 Finalist. At, John enabled Business Development to sign 50+ co-branded partnerships including AOL Time Warner, Compaq, NBCi, and Office Depot. There he patented a product that won the majority of industry awards for customer satisfaction and quality of service offering within the first year of launch. went on to be acquired by a leading hosting company within 5 years of launching the company. John also redesigned GeoCities, the 4th largest site on the Internet, increased ad inventory by more than10,000 times, and enabled a purchase by Yahoo! for $3.57 billion in stock.

Fortune 50 (like Samsung and NTT) and Fortune 500 companies (like Hilton) contract John to rebuild critical infrastructure and develop next generation content and entertainment platforms. John’s startup clients retain him to redesign their products, rebuild their infrastructure, and organize their teams. Startup clients have included GeoCities,, Mota Motors, MindMixer, and HotWired/Wired Digital.

John’s clients say he is an “invaluable” “executive and rare creative technologist.” He is “a veteran of designing and iterating businesses, architectures, and platforms.” His “extensive experience, creativity, and accountability to himself, his team, the business…make him an exceptional…asset.” “Big projects and difficult challenges do not distress” this “big vision technologist.” He can “cut through the chaos of a complex IT build to resolve the craggy underside of technology.”

John’s clients have been in the business, enterprise, and consumer sectors. He has direct experience with automotive, media, publishing, advertising, hospitality, commerce, small business, mobile, and startup companies. John works nationwide with clients in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Boston, New York and nationwide.

John’s technical leadership and vision includes translating business goals into technology results, developing strategies, driving planning, architecting robust solutions, provisioning technology, organizing the team, managing product design, patenting intellectual property, and enabling business development and marketing.

John actively supports the technology community and is pursuing a 10-year strategy to “raise all boats” when it comes to technical hiring and recruiting in Southern California. John engages new talent through Students4Startups (S4S), a nonprofit he founded that has aggregated 17 startups and collected more than 400 student resumes. John organizes SoCal Code Camp to help builders, developers, and engineers of all skills to grow in their career. John engages the senior technology community by organizing the L.A. CTO Forum, the largest network of his peers.

John can be reached in California at FreelanceCTO at or