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Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance for Developers

Posted By on October 13, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Here is a brute force approach to getting closer to 508 compliance, if you only have dev resources and don’t have strong UX resources to sort this out for you. Use the following online testing tools:

  1. Hera
  2. fae
  3. AChecker
  4. Cynthia

Hera and fae give good actionable feedback (IMO), and I like how they present the information for developers. The tools are listed in the order of priority that they should be run against the key public areas of your site. Private areas require more hoops to jump through. The process to identify and resolve accessibility bugs is this:

  1. Go to the first analysis tool
  2. Run the analysis tool on the key public(|private) areas of your site: homepage, profile pages, product pages, and video content pages
  3. Fix major accessibility bugs. Document what you don’t fix
  4. Rereun tool until major bugs are validated as fixed
  5. Load the next analysis tool and go to step 2.

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