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How do you use Job Boards to hire technology people?

Posted By on March 22, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

My friend, Rich Rygg of HipGeo (and co-inventor of the Pop-Up Ad), asked me which are the best job boards to use when hiring people in Los Angeles and Southern California. That’s not quite the right question, as hiring is more of a process than anything else. To address his question, I put together an outline of my hiring process, which does factor in job boards, and more closely targets the specific roles that you are aiming for. I don’t address using recruiters here, which is also a viable option for most companies.

Before I “hit the circuit” and post a job (or two), I will first do the following:

  1. Ask friends in companies with similar tech stacks (if they aren’t looking, they might help me)
  2. Ask relevant private networking groups that I am a part of (eg Digerati LA, LA CTO Forum). Note: private groups aren’t for any and every job. They need to be targeted appropriately (as do your friends, really).

Here’s the “job board” strategy that I employ. I wrote it with a LAMP-based technology stack in mind. Feel free to substitute in the relevant Android, iPhone, or Rails groups that you deem appropriate:

  1. Find, join, and post on the relevant meetup and networking sites (LAPHP Meetup, LAMPsig, LA Tech Meetup, LA Web Application Developers Meetup, LA Billions Meetup, OCPHP(?)). For special positions requiring highly skilled, senior, or scalability related help, look at groups like High Scalability Meetup and LA Cloud Computing, too.
  2. Post on local LA job boards (, (new))
  3. Post on Craigslist (costs a lot in time)
  4. Post on DICE (costs a lot in time and $)
  5. Post on Monster (costs a lot in time and $)

This is roughly prioritized by my level of desperation in finding talent. More important (and relevant) targets are first, which happen to be cheapest monetarily, too. Regardless, it takes a bunch of time to hire – so I prefer the more face to face options of word-of-mouth and networking groups versus wading through tons of resumes as you do with Craigslist, DICE, and Monster. I documented just about every Los Angeles-based technical networking group that I could find to help get you started.

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