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Kick-starting Business Development

Posted By on March 19, 2011 in Success Stories | 0 comments

Business Development locks competition out of the market by signing 50+ co-branded deals.


Startup company was nearing launch date, and Business Development had a mandate to target, close, and launch partnerships with the majority of companies that also target their market demographic (about 75% of the space).


As part of FreelanceCTO’s routine engagement with Business Development and Marketing, they determined that functional support for Business Development had not been integrated into the product.


FreelanceCTO engaged the product design and engineering teams to rapidly specify and build the desired functionality. 


Within two weeks the product was fully capable of supporting a new co-branded or private-label business deal within 2 working days. Business Development was overjoyed and agreed to a 30-day(!) onboarding process for new partners. Business Development went on to sign 50+ co-branded partner including AOL Time Warner, Compaq, NBCi, and Office Depot.