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Award Winning Product Design

Posted By on March 19, 2011 in Success Stories | 0 comments

Startup company garners majority of industry awards within the first year of launch.


Newly funded startup tackled a very difficult market to crack – putting Small Business online.


Small Business customers are difficult to monetize and represent a significant range of skill levels and experience. A broad-based platform also had to support a wide array of company types offering various products and services.


FreelanceCTO designed the User Experience and architected the development frameworks to support the rapid iteration and creation of new services. Additional support and help systems enabled basic and advanced user modes. FreelanceCTO hired and managed a team of 15+ people, including engineers, information architects, designers, Web developers, usability analysts, editors and writers to build the product.


The company won the majority of awards available for customer satisfaction and quality of service offering in on-line small-business industry shortly after they launched. Aspects of the product were patented.