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Recruiting New Talent

Posted By on March 18, 2011 in Success Stories | 0 comments

Non-profit aggregates 17 startups and collects over 400 student resumes within one year.


Internet startup companies experience significant pain in finding and recruiting fresh talent for internships and first-time hires.


The Bay Area is a constant drain on Southern California’s technical resources. Students are unaware of startup opportunities and go work for big companies instead. Startups are not engaged with local schools and universities.


Students4Startups kicked-off a 5- to 10-year program to improve technology hiring from San Diego to Santa Barbara. The first year’s focus is on educating students on the benefits of startup companies and raising awareness within startups on the importance of working with students and junior talent.


At the end of year 1, the program signed on 17 startups, collected over 400 student resumes, participated in 5 career fares, held 3 private mixers for students and startups, and enabled the creation of several internships and first-time jobs.