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Developer Conference

Posted By on March 18, 2011 in Success Stories | 0 comments

Developer conference increases participation by over 30%.


Historically, SoCal Code Camp has a strong background and focus on Microsoft technologies as well as very strong enterprise-level support. The original organizers, Daniel Egan and Woody Pewitt, wanted to broaden the scope of the conference by including Startup and Open Source oriented sessions and increase the number of attendees at each event.


SoCal Code Camp needed stronger connections with both the Open Source and Startup communities.


SoCal Code Camp engaged FreelanceCTO to reach out to Open Source speakers and invite them to participate in the series of events. Additionally, FreelanceCTO created and executed a plan to target the majority of the technology meetup groups in Los Angeles and Orange counties.


The number of speaker sessions and attendees at the conference increased by 30%.