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Fortune 500 Intranet

Posted By on March 18, 2011 in Success Stories | 0 comments

Single Sign-On enables Fortune 500 employees to log in “just once”.


A Fortune 500 company maintained a network of separate intranets and departmental applications that did not communicate or directly relate to one another. They needed to centralize their intranet operations and security management to better support 80,000+ employees.


The new system had to bridge several authentication systems including a proprietary application permissions database. Internal departmental websites had to be migrated and shut down. Internal IT systems had to be integrated or made aware of the new central intranet platform.


FreelanceCTO led the effort to re-architect the company’s intranet and extranet systems. FreelanceCTO designed the technical architecture, successfully project managed a cross-functional team and external resources, assisted programmers with development tasks, and fixed architecture-level bugs in third-party software.


All internal systems were connected to the Intranet. Employees logged in once to access a broad array of applications.