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Top-Level Technology Services

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FreelanceCTO takes a platform agnostic approach when dealing with your business and its Technology needs. By applying Technology Agnostic Design processes, we leverage your investments in current and future Technologies and enable new product platforms to support your burgeoning business. The more you can tell us about your business, the faster we can select and implement the right platform for you.

FreelanceCTO offers the following high-level Technology services:

  • Leadership and Vision – Bringing senior Technology expertise to your enterprise
  • Translation Services – Bridging the experiential chasm by translating between the Business and Technology realms
  • Strategies – Developing short and long-term Technology strategies to support business objectives, budgets, and timeframes. Directing technical research activities
  • Clear and Transparent Communication – Opening up lines of communication between Business and Technology. Enabling Technology teams to make the business case for key initiatives
  • Measurement – Defining and deploying Technology and Business metrics
  • Build vs. Buy Decisions – Guiding you through Technology decisions to maximize your business’ resources. Assessing current and emerging Technologies for business use
  • Development – Sourcing, architecting, and implementing Technology platforms and applications to support your strategic growth plans
  • Operations – Establishing Incident and Problem Management systems. Proactively managing Risk. Reactively managing Crises. Deploying Change and Release Management systems. Balancing competing needs and priorites
  • Budgeting – Creating Technology budgets for different business models. Determining resource needs within business constraints
  • Scalability – Running performance and infrastructure/application headroom analysis. Proactive capacity planning

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