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Technology Planning, Strategy, and Architecture Services

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FreelanceCTO applies a holistic process to designing, planning, architecting, and implementing your products and services. We provide robust solutions and deliverables for the following items:

  • Technology Strategy and Road Map Definition – Combining the needs of your Business with the needs of Technology to set forth a clear plan for the future
  • Technology Platform Definition and Development – Specifying and documenting the details of your product and the underlying Technical platform
    • Technology Architecture – Specifying new features to add to your platform, creating new products to support your business, and reviewing the current infrastructure for strengths and weaknesses. Additionally consists of the following specialties:
      • Systems Analysis and Design
      • Technical Design and Review
      • Technical Risk Analysis
      • Technical Research and Evaluation
    • Metrics – Defining and delivering key metrics that drive your Business and measure the performance of the Technical infrastructure
    • Security – Establishing and enforcing required security policies and best practices
    • Mobile Application Design and Development – Supporting a diverse range of end-user devices such as iPhone, Android, the mobile web, and more
  • Organizational Growth and Planning
    • Organization and Cultural Evalutation – Diving deep into your current team and company culture to determine the root cause of any team-related issues or problems
    • Teambuilding – Developing hiring plans and resourcing in-house, off-shore, or outsourced individuals and teams
  • Process Engineering – Drafting necessary policies and procedures. Providing or evaluating costs and time estimates
  • Scalability Planning – Analyzing the performance of the current infrastructure. Planning for future capacity based on current growth and predicted growth milestones (product launches, Marketing ad buys, Social Media campaigns, etc.). Planning to upgrade your company’s infrastructure
  • Social Graph and Network Integration – Researching, designing, and developing compelling social features and functions for your products
  • Cloud Computing Strategy and Implementation – Leveraging the economies of scale by developing and launching cloud-native solutions
  • Strategic Systems Planning – Planning for long-term growth and scalability through partnerships and internal infrastructure development
  • Platform Integration to other Business Partners – Integrating with the partners necessary to operate and scale your business
  • Business Practice and Internal Control Development – Applying strong product processes and external compliance as needed to your operating procedures

FreelanceCTO also has extensive experience developing and deploying custom-built and third-party platforms for the following commonly needed business functions:

  • CMS Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Workflow Systems
  • Advertising and Lead Generation Networks
  • Social Media Platforms
  • CDN and related content distribution networks and systems
  • Online Video Systems and Platforms
  • GPS/Location-based Services

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