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Technology Audits and Due Diligence

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FreelanceCTO provides deep technical, business, and organizational due diligence to enable companies and investors to make better Technology-related decisions. These services let you know what’s going on with your business, your technology team, and/or your technology investment:

  • Audits and Reviews – Getting down to the details of what’s working and what’s not working with your current product
    • High-Level Understanding – Quickly analyzing your infrastructure
    • Due Diligence Review – Short -Technology Assessment – Spending a couple days to get to know your team and your platform
    • Due Diligence Review – Detailed – Spending a couple weeks to get to know the ins and outs of your product and the people that put it together
  • Competitive Product Installation and Evaluation – Reviewing your competition for competitive differentiation
  • Infrastructure Assessment – Auditing the health of the product and its support systems
  • Budgeting – Drafting technology budgets for comparison
  • Business Plan Evaluation – Reviewing and providing input on your business plan
  • Product Prioritization – Helping you balance the needs of your product with the status and needs of the back-end

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