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Team Building Services

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FreelanceCTO helps you build your team of committed resources. FreelanceCTO works with you to create a balanced plan that optimizes your limited resources and maximizes the talent at your disposal. FreelanceCTO has a deep Technical network of individuals, development shops, and more to further help you get your product to market sooner.

FreelanceCTO augments your team with these services:

  • Team Building and Organizational Planning – Planning for team growth (or cutbacks) based on future milestones (funding, competitive pressures, investor and company commitments, etc.)
  • Managing and Leading Team Members – Directing your Technology team, demystifying communication and company priorities, and boosting its performance.¬†Utilizing internal and/or outsourced resources effectively
  • Creating Job Descriptions, Interviewing, and Hiring Qualified Candidates – Facilitating the hiring and onboarding of targeted talent
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Coaching CEOs, CFOs, CPOs, developers, engineers and anyone else on your team. Mentoring engineers and technical managers

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