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Product Design and Reviews

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FreelanceCTO begins building companies and products by understanding the goals of the business and the expectations of the end users. The goal is to employ the most effective approach when producing a product that satisfies all parties, while staying within the scope of the resources available.

FreelanceCTO employs the following methods to design innovative products for our clients:

  • Product Designs, Roadmaps, and Development – Taking ideas and turning them into concrete specifications and plans
  • Exploration and Definition of Product Features – Providing recommendations for product feature functionality. Communicating ways to maximize the benefit of each product feature. Advising your business on the impact the certain features will have on the overall budget and timeline
  • Functional Requirements Documentation – Documenting the functionality of product features for the purposes of development and inclusion in the corporate knowledge base
  • Product Installation and Evaluation (see Audits and Due Diligence)
  • Competitive Product Review (see Audits and Due Diligence)
  • Technology Assessment (see Audits and Due Diligence)

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