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Network Systems and Data Architectures

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FreelanceCTO works with you and your team to develop your front-end product, your business process and logic, and our back-end systems and infrastructure. By considering all aspects of your business and product from front (what the users see) to back (what the engineers see), FreelanceCTO develops solutions to your specification. On the back-end, FreelanceCTO translates technical jargon into useful and actionable business terms.

FreelanceCTO offers the following low-level Technology services to create the basic building blocks of your business:

  • Development Resources – Documenting the resources required to build the infrastructure for your product at a given scope
  • Technology Specifications – Creating necessary low-level specifications as needed by development
  • Data Model Definition and Data (Warehouse) Strategy – Designing a clean and efficient data strategy to support your front-line product and back-office analytics
  • Network Diagrams – Diagramming your infrastructure at multiple levels of scale (as needed)
  • Technology Stack Definition – Defining the hardware and software necessary to support your business
  • Hardware and Software Configurations and Costs – Drafting budgets for different growth scenarios
  • Platform Development – Overseeing the back-end development of the platform
  • Quality Assurance – Reviewing and enforcing quality control standards within development. Transparently communicating quality standards and measurements

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