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Business and Strategic Services

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FreelanceCTO has worked for companies as large as the Hilton Hotels Corporation (Fortune 500), and as small and boot-strapped as the smallest startup. FreelanceCTO has scaled new companies, optimized old, and brought properties like to life, earning a place in BusinessWeek’s Top 50 Most Promising Startups of 2009 and the TechCrunch50 of 2009. FreelanceCTO understands the advantages and disadvantages of startups and big businesses and works with our clients to leverage best practices from both worlds to create stable yet nimble companies.

FreelanceCTO offers the following Busines and Strategic Services:

  • Technology Advisor – Advising the team and company leadership team on business processes and tools that increase short-term and long-term value for the company
  • Business Plan Evaluation – Evaluating and providing feedback on the short and long-term business vision, strategies, and plans
  • Product Roadmaps – Working closely with the company leadership to review and influence the product road map
  • Business Development – Participating in new business, partnership, and investor meetings as needed
  • Customer Support – Supporting client and customer presentations
  • Funding and Investment Support – Reviewing investor presentation materials and business proposals
  • Due Diligence – Reviewing Technical innovations, protection, and patents.¬†Evaluating competitive positioning
  • Connection to the Community – Networking and connecting to a wide range of people in the industry

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