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Intro to Cloud Computing (EC2), Feb 19th

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Florian Drescher is hosting another cloud training session. I did this before and think he’s a great teacher. I would go again, but I am going to Startup Weekend LA (same weekend). The cost is $20. Q Connects is in the Howard Hughes complex.

Introduction to Cloud Computing with Amazon EC2

This course is the fast track to learn how to use Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and to run your own applications in the Cloud. During the course of this training, participants will begin by learning how to create their own Server-Instances with step-by-step examples, install and configure software on them, and secure them. As a next step, participants will learn how to add persistent storage (with EBS) to an Instance and how to backup and restore data. Throughout the training, participants will be given practical tips and applicable tools.

Course Content

  • EC2 Overview: Technology, Security, Performance and Costs
  • Overview of the other Amazon Web Service Products
  • EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud introduction
    • Technology Overview
    • Managing EC2 with GUI and Command-Line Tools
    • Finding the right Server Templates to start with
    • Connection to Linux Server Instances with SSH and to Windows Server Instances with RDP
  • EC2 Configuration
    • Configuration of the EC2 Firewall: Security Groups
    • Availability Zones: Run server in different Locations, Load Balancing and Failover Concepts
    • Using the Amazon Web Service APIs: REST API, Query API, SOAP API and the Command-Line Tools
  • EBS – Elastic Block Storage
    • Create and mount EBS Volumes
    • Best Practices for Linux File System Configuration
    • Backup and Restore: Creation of EBS Snapshots, Best Practices for Linux
  • Instance Naming
    • Management and Configuration of Elastic IP Addresses (EIP)
    • Best Practices: Internal Naming with Dynamic DNS Provider, D-DNS Provider Integration into EC2
  • EBS bootable EC2 Instances
    • Persistent vs. Transient Storage
    • Livecycle of EBS backed Instances
  • Creation of Server Templates
    • Customize and bundle AMIs (Amazon Machine Images)
    • S3 vs. EBS backed AMIs
  • Cloud Automation & Configuration Management
    • Overview of existing Commercial and Open Source Solutions
    • Demo: Opscode Chef based Multi-Server Deployment

Student Prerequisites


1 Day (9am – 6pm)


hosted by: Q Connects
6080 Center Drive
6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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