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Process to Make Architecture Diagrams

Posted By on December 17, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Here is my process for creating top-down architecture diagrams:

  1. Draw hand diagram if it’s a new or big concept (I can show you some scans – i have multiple colors and stencils – they look really neat)
  2. Make arch summary slide (usually 3 boxes, arrows to the right 🙂
  3. Make top-level arch slides (for core components)
  4. Make 1 or more drill-down diagrams as needed (to clarify concept for team, document scope for vendor, enforce a structure on a larger team)
  5. Make network diagram (this is where you finally put brand names in like MySQL and RabbitMQ and RoR). you may actually make two: 1) for where we are today and 2) where we should be if this architecture existed
  6. Scan hand drawn, output PDF of diagrams, and upload PPT, PDF, and scans to your instituionalized knowledge base

I have been answering this question a lot lately, so I figured that I would write it down.

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