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LA CTO Forum – Metrics Discussion

Posted By on February 15, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Last Friday, the LA CTO Forum hosted a discussion on the various metrics used to measure ourselves and our companies. I was asked to participate, and eagerly dug into my archives. I found a bunch of old examples, sanitized them, and was struck by how much metrics evolve over the lifecycle of a company. I was inspired enough to put together a diagram that describes how the metrics for a product or startup company evolve over time. My files are here:

Here is a basic description of the contents of each report:

  • Definitions – definitions of metrics
  • Dashboard – dashboard view of key metrics
  • Executive Summary – summary of key metrics
  • BizDev Funnel Lite – early stage business development funnel
  • BizDev Funnel – later stage business development funnel
  • Marketing Funnel – early costs/revenue numbers
  • Member Funnel – tracking and monetizing users
  • Customer Satisfaction – customer satisfaction by product
  • Customer Support Triage – large product defects, customer support in triage mode
  • Customer Support Daily Recap – daily metric for support
  • Customer Support Steady – later stage monitoring of support
  • Operations – some simple operational metrics
  • Engineering Triage – crisis-based tracking of engineering errors
  • Human Resources – some basic hiring metrics
  • Revenue – an early set of of metrics for revenue

You may have a different interpretation of how to measure things, so please feel free to change the parameters to suit your needs. Let me know what you think.


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