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The (minor) Perils of Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Posted By on December 23, 2009 in Blog | 0 comments

I jailbroke my iPhone a while back, and I have been generally happy with the results. My favorite two apps are the Backgrounder service so I can keep multiple apps running at the same time and the video recorder  because Apple doesn’t support it on my 3g phone.

Everything was great until I lost the iPod program on my iphone. And then it started playing songs on loop, and I couldn’t open the ipod to stop the song (it did this for a few hours). So I had to restore my iPhone. And guess what? It didn’t un-jailbreak it! It’s still jailbroken and my iPod program was still missing, but at least the music had stopped playing.

I emailed some friends who also like to hack things. Here is one response from @lemonodor:

A few weeks ago I was in SF and decided at midnight in a crappy hotel with terrible wifi that I wanted to tether my laptop to my phone, so I jailbroke it–or tried.  By 3 AM I was pretty sure I’d bricked it.  The next morning I did more digging, and eventually figured out I had to increase the partition size in PwnageTool for my 1st generation phone.  sigh.

Today I got a call and my phone wouldn’t let me answer.  It kept ringing, and I could unlock the phone but it just took me to the home screen with all my usual apps, no way to actually answer the damn phone.

There are all kinds of great and weird stories about jailbroken iPhones. Very entertaining!

Eventually the great Neck Jonez asked if I had used Categories (yes, I had), which was how the iPod got lost in the first place. He told me to go get Poof, which I did, and I found my iPod app and re-enabled it. Very cool.

Now, my iPhone is still jailbroken! It’s not a problem, but I thought it would be easier to revert to the original form.

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